Baby Photo Parties

Baby Photo Parties

You’ve heard of Tupperware parties & jewellery and make-up parties. Now I offer you the opportunity to host a ‘baby photo party’!

This idea is simple but fun & the result is some beautiful images of your baby or child.

How does it work?

Just invite 2 or more other mums or dads and their children to your house. I will come to you with my mobile studio and spend a morning or an afternoon taking photos of yours and your friends babies or children.

The photoshoot is free for the host and I only ask a £15 contribution from each of your friends (£20 each if it is a weekend photoshoot). In addition the host will receive a free 12x8inch print of her favourite photograph.

I will arrive at your home with my mobile studio 30 minutes before the shoot so I can set up. The party will last usually a morning or afternoon allowing for feeding, changing, & sleeps. I will bring some toys and accessories with me but please bring along your babies favourite toy or anything special to wear that you would like them to be photographed in.

As a mum myself I know that babies and children can be unpredictable. This is not a problem! I will do my best to ensure that our session is as relaxed as possible. With a little help from all the mums or dads we will be able to get the best possible results from the pictures.

I have found that the party works best with a maximum of 4 friends.

After the photoshoot I will choose a selection of the best photographs for each baby or child, enhance them and put the watermarked photos onto disc and send individually to the parents who attended for them to choose which photos they would like to order (there is no obligation to purchase any of the photographs).

If requested I can arrange a separate evening to get together with all the parents and bring all of my samples along and help to put together a package that suits each family. I can also mock up photobooks for anyone who thinks they may wish to purchase one.

I accept cash or cheque as payment.